I Have Way Too Many Film Tanks 3

So I finally recieved my Patterson 5-roll tank in the post last week. While putting it away I realized that I have way too many processing tanks.

Check this out. 😆


My mixed family of AP, Patterson, and steel tanks.

My mixed family of AP, Patterson, and steel tanks.


In case you’re wondering, I have 6 plastic and 5 steel spools…and Patterson makes an 8-roll tank, too. Unfortunately, it’d be impossible to load in a darkbag. 😉

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  • http://nerdsinparties.wordpress.com/ nerds in parties

    I bought a 2-roll Jobo tank the other day. Looks silly and the spools are weird but on the other hand.. I haven’t really tried it yet so..

  • http://www.tomwalshphoto.com Tom

    Why would you need that many?

    If I were you, I’d sell / donate them to the nearest university or school of some sort with a darkroom.

  • Brian

    @Tom: I don’t need that many. Originally, I just had 1x one-roll tank and 2x two-roll tanks but I thought I lost them the last time I moved so I bought the steel tanks. I really don’t like loading 120 into a steel tank, so I bought one more two-roll tank.

    Then I found the tanks I thought I had lost. 😆