The Pandas Arrive in Taiwan 3

They’re here…



For those who think that they’re “just animals” and that it’s a completely apolitical gift on the part of the People’s Republic of China…well, just look at their names: “Tuan Tuan” and “Yuan Yuan”. In Chinese “Tuan yuan” means reunion.


Pandas sent to Taiwan

Pandas sent to Taiwan

Anyway, they’ll be quarantined for about a month and are due to make their public debut just before Chinese New Year in late January. The Taipei Zoo in Mucha, where the pandas will be housed, expects a first day turnout of 100,000+ people. I wonder how many will be protesting this “goodwill gift” outside?

Hmm…maybe Taiwan can give a Taiwansese bear back as a gift? It could be named “Free Democracy”. 😆

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  • Tom

    I remember hearing about Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan on the news…forget what it was talking about though…it seemed like something different than this.

  • teohjitkhiam

    Well, Brian. At least now the folks running PRC can claim that relationship with Taiwan now is in black and white, right?

  • Brian

    @teohjitkhiam: Taiwan bears are black & white, too 😉