Streets Saturday: Childhood Wonder 7

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. ~Walt Streightiff

How I wish I could experience the wonder of a child through the wisdom of adulthood. But is that even possible, to experience wonder once you are aware of the nature by which something is done?

About Brian

Brian Q. Webb is a photography enthusiast from Los Angeles, California who spends most of his time in Taipei, Taiwan. He is especially interested in street photography as well as large format portraiture and pinhole photography. He also likes to shoot lifestyle portraiture and occasionally acts as an agent for foreign newspapers wanting event coverage in Taipei. He was also on the staff of deviantArt and is co-founder of PhotoMalaysia, the largest photography community in that country.

  • Ashish

    Great photos Brian. Love the 3rd from top most. I like this theme based weekly feature.

  • Brian

    @Ashish Thanks! I actually like the themes too…it’s a kind of mental exercise to look through all these separate images of daily life and find a common thread to them.

  • Scott

    Very nice pics, Brian. Where is that machine with all of the gears located? It looks like an art piece we saw at the NTU Children’s Hostpital, but I don’t remember it having wheels that the children can turn. Is this one more interactive than just watching the balls fall?

  • Brian

    @Scott Thanks :)

    That was at the now-gone Taipei Children’s Museum. :(

  • Scott

    Thanks for the reply.
    Ah yes, I remember now. I couldn’t tell how big it was from the picture. We might have even joined you there that day when you took this picture. I have an unusual fascination with things resembling Rube Goldberg Machines, so anything with lots of gears tends to pique my interest. :-)

  • veinsrunempty

    omg, Wonder 4! the one of the kid through the seats….that’s like one of the best I’ve seen from you!

  • Brian

    Thanks! That’s the eldest of my twin boys, Aidan. My favorite photo of him is this one.