Streets Saturday: Aidan 2

Some of you may have noticed that last weekend lacked an Streets Saturday edition. Sorry. My PC died. Well, the primary hard drive died and it took some time to get it replaced and the data restored. On the plus side, the price vs. storage ratio being so much better then it was when I first bought my computer a couple years ago, I ended up getting a TB of space… just in time for the season premieres of all my favorite TV shows. Now all I need is an HD monitor. :)

Today’s subject is the eldest of my twin sons, Aidan. He’s very expressive, very energetic, and very independent, so it really does take that street photographer’s sense of moment and timing to get him right but when I do the end piece is something I know he will love and treasure for the rest of his life.

Here are a few photos of Aidan:

Maybe next week I’ll feature his brother, Ian.

About Brian

Brian Q. Webb is a photography enthusiast from Los Angeles, California who spends most of his time in Taipei, Taiwan. He is especially interested in street photography as well as large format portraiture and pinhole photography. He also likes to shoot lifestyle portraiture and occasionally acts as an agent for foreign newspapers wanting event coverage in Taipei. He was also on the staff of deviantArt and is co-founder of PhotoMalaysia, the largest photography community in that country.

  • jessiev

    WHAT fun photos!! it makes me happy, to see kids live with such joy.

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