Window on China / Xiao Ren Guo

Window on China is kind of a misnomer, depending on your perspective. What I mean is, I personally believe that Taiwan isn’t China. Considering that the majority of their exhibits are on Taiwan, the name is mostly incorrect. I say “mostly” because there are a couple of P.R.C. exhibits but there are also some Japanese, American, Indian, European, and so on. Interestingly, the Chinese-language name, Xiao Ren Guo, differs from the English name is much more appropriate and so that is the one I will use.

Little Person Country

No, that’s not a joke about the stature of Taiwanese people. I guess I should explain what Xiao Ren Guo is: It’s an amusement park half of which is filled with miniature “sets” of famous areas and landmarks throughout Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Thus the Chinese name that translates to ‘Little Person Country’.

A working miniature of Taiwan's high-speed rail (HSR)

As alluded to above, the park is split into two distinct areas. The first area is a series of open dioramas…miniature sets…of famous global landmarks. Within the Taiwan part of the area, it also includes local technological achievements, such as the high-speed rail, and other things critical to Formosa but not quite “landmark” in status, like Keelung harbor or the island-wide rail system.

CKS Airport in miniature

Keelung Harbor

Photo tip: Yes, these are miniatures but since the sets are blocked off macro lenses won’t do you any good. For close-ups, bring a telephoto. Also, they prune the trees often, meaning the sets are all in direct, bright and unshaded sunlight so bring ND filters if you’re looking for narrow DOF control.

Once you’ve walked through the ‘educational’ portion of the park you arrive at a small train station. Take a small train ride through some surreally-placed farmland and you will arrive at the second part of Xiao Ren Guo.

The entertainment part.

On the small train separating Xiao Ren Guo

Honestly, there’s not a lot for the parents but for the kids, this is where the real fun is. Yes there is a large water ride for adults, but for the kids there is an entire water park, a dozen kids-sized rides, an indoor area with carnival rides, and a Doremon show.

Arcade basketball with dad assisting.

Xiao Ren Guo is a county-apart from Taipei, but that doesn’t make it difficult to get to. From the northwest side of the city, there are direct buses (run by FeGo) that depart from the Main Station If you’re in the southeast corner of Taipei, head to the Sungshan Airport where you’ll find the same FeGo bus. Expect to be at Xiao Ren Guo all day.

More Photos

Waiting at the Doreamon ampitheater

Post-lunch nap.

Another view of mini-CKS

Another view of "Keelung"

A local father

My favorite photo of the day.

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