Happy Centennial, Republic of China

Today, October 10 2011, marks 100 years since the Wuchang uprising that sparked the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Imperial Era in China and the beginning of the Republic of China government. It has since survived World War II and the Maoist revolution to create the autonomous state of Taiwan and evolve there into the only example of Chinese self-governance in the totality of Chinese history.

Not bad for the first century.

As we did last year on the 99th anniversary of the Republic of China, our family spent the better part of the afternoon at the Chiang Kaishek Memorial. Although he’s not well-regarded amongst many modern Taiwanese, he was instrumental in reforming the R.O.C. government in Taiwan after it was forced out of China and thus sits at the conceptual nexus of the government and the island. Because of it’s size, prominence, and proximity to major governmental buildings such as the Presidential office, a lot tends to happen here on National Day.

There were shows, both cultural and military in nature, spaced throughout the day along with the occasional interceptor jet, Chinnok helicopter, and other various aircraft passing by overhead.

Overall it was great fun and I fully expect to go back when the Republic of China turns 101.

Here are a few more photos.

And I’ll end with this one, the CKS Monument.

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