Photojazz Five: Hersley-Ven D. Casero 3

Photojazz Five (n.) Five questions to and five photos from a street photographer.

I missed the last couple of weeks posting new street photographer interviews in the Photojazz Five series, so I’m making up by featuring a photographer with a truly excellent body of work. Hersley-Ven D. Casero is an artist-photographer at Foundation University in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. He has been pursuing photography as a right-brain outlet since meeting his mentor Luis Sinco, an award-winning photojournalist for my hometown paper, the LA Times. His works have been recognized and published in local, national and even international publications.

In one brief statement, define street photography.
Street photography is catching moments by recording real emotions, gestures and expressions of different people you see around you and their environment. Record these images “beyond normal” with spontaneity and decisiveness for there is a deep story in every movement of people, season and nature.

How would you define your artistic style (I.e. What defines your visual ‘uniqueness’)?
As an individual, we have our own preferences in relation to the people that surround us and the environment where we live. Those distinct aspects in my life are reflected in my photographs. My first love is painting before I ventured photography. I tend to capture the beauty of life by exposing the wonderful things around us. Though, most of my pictures are full of positivity, reality is still a great factor. I just want to show the world, that life is beautiful; because it is and we have to appreciate that.

How did you get into street photography?
I really love photojournalism and I think that’s why I am into street photography. My love of capturing reality of life brought me to street photography. I love portraiture and I find it interesting how people interact with each other and how they live their lives. It is also because you see yourself to them one way or another. Each individual is a reflection of our society and what’s happening now.

What influences your work (can be anything)?
One of the greatest influences in my work is Sir Luis Sinco. I am inspired by his passion in photography and his passion to teach young talented photographers to pursue what they truly love and I also admire his humility as a photographer. Aside from that, I’ve been collecting photography books as reference, ever since I started. I analyze the photographs I look at and try to put myself in the photographer’s shoes. I can never be as good as them for in talent, I believe that there is no comparison. Those great photographers took those great pictures through their eyes and their eyes can never be mine. Every time I looked at a good photograph, I am encouraged and motivated to be better than what I am today.

Who are your top 5 street togs?
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, Dorothea Lange, Elliott Erwitt & Luis Sinco.

“Photography is not about competing for contest prizes. It’s about my passion and my satisfaction to freeze the things in front of me, things which will never happen again.” -Hersley-Ven D. Casero

You can keep up with Hersley’s street photography on a tumblr blog he set up specifically for it. You can browse a greater variety of his images, including some wonderful photojournalism and portraiture, at his deviantArt site. Finally, You can keep up with him in general by subscribing to his Facebook page.

Speaking of his excellent photojournalistic and portraiture work…

About Brian

Brian Q. Webb is a photography enthusiast from Los Angeles, California who spends most of his time in Taipei, Taiwan. He is especially interested in street photography as well as large format portraiture and pinhole photography. He also likes to shoot lifestyle portraiture and occasionally acts as an agent for foreign newspapers wanting event coverage in Taipei. He was also on the staff of deviantArt and is co-founder of PhotoMalaysia, the largest photography community in that country.

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    i’m proud to be PINOY!!! Kudos to you Hersley!! keep it up!

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    So good.

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    yeah! sir hersley is a very humble man. he trains me for my photo journalism contests. he also gives advices.