Tomy Beyblade, Bakugan, and Scan2Go Toy Fair

Remember the Tomica (Tomy) 40th Anniversary Fair I reported on about a year-and-a-half ago? They must have some sort of deal with Mitsigoshi because they’re back again. This time it’s to celebrate their three current marquee brands: Scan2Go slot cars, Beyblade fighting tops, and Bakugan…those ball-things you roll or toss then they pop open into some creature of one sort or another.

Ask your kids.

As I have a child who is absoliutely obsessed with Beyblade tops, our attendence was a no-brainer. The event was held in the same place as the last and was set up in much th same way. You buy a tear sheet of tickets (at NT$500/sheet) and then use the tickets to participate in the different activities. It’s the Homecoming Fair in the High School gym system. In fact, many of the activities resembled high school club projects. That being said, the way they integrated the use of the different toys into the games was very creative.

If you lose, you get a small gift in a black bag (like a plastic center screw for your fighting top). If you win, you get to choose from a selection of Beyblade fighting top components like the blades, aluminum center screws,and various bases.

The people manning each booth were very energetic, encouraging, and helpful. This really helped my kids get into it. Even the one that doesn’t like fighting tops loved the experience and decided that his new favorite thing is Bakugan. He took home three.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without someplace set aside for your newly-hyped children to buy things.  They literally have every Beyblade, Bakugan, and Scan2Go model currently available here so if your children collect be prepared to spend. The prices are on par with Toys ‘R Us (which is nearby), but they’ll give you freebies like carrying cases and such.

Tomy will have this set up until January 31st on the 7th floor of Mitsigoshi Building A8 in the Hsinyi District of Taipei, near the Vieshow Cinema.

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