Agricultural Tourism – Taichung Turnip Trip

Agricultural tourism is a very popular thing amongst Taipei residents. For between US$25 and US$40 per person you can join an organized excursion from Taipei Main Station to a farm where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. As a bonus, there are often a couple “side stops” along the way, usually to a street market or museum. If you have a free Saturday or Sunday and the weather is nice it is one of the best ways to get some clean air, exercise, and come home with something healthy to eat (minus anything picked up at any street markets you stop at along the way, of course).

So, a couple Sundays ago my family along with some family friends went on one of these day trips to a turnip farm in Taichung in central Taiwan, leaving from TMRS.

On the way down was our first “side stop”, meant to be a quick bathroom break. Thankfully, the pathway leading to the toilets was bordered by woodcraft sculpture artisans.

An hour later we arrived at the farm and in mere moments we were trampling the grounds en masse, striping them bare of turnips the size of our heads.

In addition to the harvesting, we were treated to a traditional Hakka farmer dance by some very high-spirited women.

A few random shots from Taichung.

On the way back to Taipei we made a second “side stop” in Miaoli City for some strawberry goodness for my kids and photographic opportunities for me.

I really enjoy these sort of guided farm+ tours. They are commonplace, happening virtually every weekend. They are also very popular and fill up quickly. Communities often organize their own outings and will post details on the neighborhood bulletin boards.  Larger trips are generally arranged via local travel agencies like ezTravel or online forums such as Baby Home.

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Brian Q. Webb is a photography enthusiast from Los Angeles, California who spends most of his time in Taipei, Taiwan. He is especially interested in street photography as well as large format portraiture and pinhole photography. He also likes to shoot lifestyle portraiture and occasionally acts as an agent for foreign newspapers wanting event coverage in Taipei. He was also on the staff of deviantArt and is co-founder of PhotoMalaysia, the largest photography community in that country.