Random Encounters: Taipei Astronomical Museum

Random Encounter: Coming across an interesting subject, scene, or situation that isn’t significant in a journalistic or tourist sense but deserves more than a single snapshot to record.

I’m doing this as a Random Encounter since I already published an article on the Taipei Astronomical Museum before and it really hasn’t changed much since then. So, these are just some pictures of the Taipei Astronomical Museum taken on Children’s Day.

This year Children’s Day happened to coincide with a local holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day. Taking advantage of Children’s Day actually being a day when kids didn’t have to go to school and parents didn’t have to work, many museums, education centers, the zoo, and so on offered free admission to every parent with child.

Very cool.

I decided to take my boys to the museum complex near Shilin market comprised of the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), the Taipei Astronomical Museum, and a large park separating the two. Most of our time was spent at the Astronomical Museum, going to the park only to work up an appetite before lunch and to the NTSEC only to eat it.

Star Wars inspires yet again.

Human-centric universe.

Waiting for first contact.

Strolling through the solar system.

Akward camera.

Back that way.

Caught in the rings of Neptune.

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