Trick Art 2 Exhibition at the NTSEC, Taipei

You know those pictures of 3D sidewalk chalk drawings that you’ll occasionally get forwarded into your inbox by a co-worker? This is like that, except that you’re encouraged to both step in to the images and to take pictures.

Being held at the National Taiwan Science Eduction Center until early June, the Trick Art 2 show consists of 53 pieces of art which use scale, perspective, and shading techniques to give two-dimensional images a three-dimensional look that you can step in to. As previously stated, photography is encouraged as part of the experience and they go far as to mark out positions on the floor for each piece of art in which you can get the best photo.

What I found equally interesting with the core theme itself was that the pieces of art were done in a few different “styles”, like Pixar-esque cartoon, Caravaggio-like Realism (and mythological themes), Renaissance-like themes (those offended by boobies in Renaissance art should avoid this show), and Greek Classical sculptures and frescos (those offended by classical Greek art boobies should also avoid this show).

I thought the exhibit was great fun and an educational experience for my kids, both in introducing them to various styles of art in a fun & accessible way but also by introducing the concept of “visual trickery” to them and planting a small seed of healthy skepticism into their minds.

If you are offended by Renaissance boobies, don’t look below.

You looked, didn’t you? 😉

Some candids…

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