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Random Encounters: Taipei Astronomical Museum

I’m doing this as a Random Encounter since I already published an article on the Taipei Astronomical Museum before and it really hasn’t changed much since then. So, these are just some pictures of the Taipei Astronomical Museum taken on Children’s Day.

This year Children’s Day happened to coincide with a local holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day. Taking advantage of Children’s Day actually being a day when kids didn’t have to go to school and parents didn’t have to work, many museums, education centers, the zoo, and so on offered free admission to every parent with child.

Very cool.



Tomy Beyblade, Bakugan, and Scan2Go Toy Fair

Remember the Tomica (Tomy) 40th Anniversary Fair I reported on about a year-and-a-half ago? They must have some sort of deal with Mitsigoshi because they’re back again. This time it’s to celebrate their three current marquee brands: Scan2Go slot cars, Beyblade fighting tops, and Bakugan…those ball-things you roll or toss then […]

Streets Saturday for Week 25

Here are the featured Taipei street photos for the week of June 20, 2011. All the photos were taken since the last feature, 2 weeks ago. He’s looking a little uncomfortable. You shall not pass. Outside seating at a recently-opened French bistro downstairs. I ended up at an IKEA this […]

Weichuan Pushin Ranch, Taoyuan, Taiwan 1

One thing I enjoy about living in Taipei, especially having twin 6-year olds, is the relatively easy and inexpensive access to family-friendly day trips. Unfortunately, it usually takes some Chinese literacy and knowledge of local online BBSes to find and register for upcoming trips, so if you are like me […]