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Random Encounters: Chinese Go Match

Like many urban parks in the US, many city parks in Taiwan serve as a gathering place for neighborhood residents to play board games. In many cases this means Chinese Go. I guess the best “Western” comparison to Go would be to Orthello…Orthello is like a “special needs” version of Go


minquan old street, taiwan

Minquan Old Street, Sanxia District, Taipei, Taiwan 1

Like Dasi Old Street in Taoyuan, Minquan Old Street in Sanxia was born in the early part of the 20th century. Like Daxi, it came out of being strategically located on a commercially-trafficked river. Unlike Dasi, as roads and rails replaced the rivers used to transport goods and reduced the commercial importance of such market hubs, Minquan Old Street didn’t really re-invent itself in any manner. It’s buildings and shops still appear as they would have decades ago in the time of our grand-and-great-grandparents.

Photojazz Five: Stamatis Gr 6

This week’s featured street photographer hails from the home of the great Mount Olympus, the Olympic games first held at the foot of that mountain, the Olympians that live at the top of the mountain, and an economy that is bringing down the entire EU…umm…in a ‘Herculean manner’? Stamatis is a graphic designer from Athens, Greece whose favorite hobby is photographing his native home. And he does it very well. Just take a look.