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Why Photographers Should Upgrade Their iPads 3

I’m going to start with a preemptive “No, not because the iPad 2 has a camera.” because, let’s face it, the camera in the iPad is crap. You’re better off using the camera in your phone in a pinch if just for awkward hold-ability reasons. And I guess I should also clearly state that it’s not because the screen is better. The iPad 2 retains the same 720p resolution display with ‘magical’ oliophobic coating that ‘magically’ exaggerates finger marks. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin at the beginning.


The Magic of the Olympus Digital Pen at Night 6

I was originally going to entitle this article The Magic of the Olympus E-P2 at Night, but as I went through the features that make the Olympus E-P2 such a great nighttime imaging tool I realized that the pieces that make it so were in the entire Digital Pen line currently on the market (the […]


Pondering Digital: Ricoh GRX vs. Olympus EP-1 Pen 9

First let me be clear: I love film and have no plans to cease using film until the last frame of the last roll on Earth has been exposed. I enjoy the 100% hands-on nature of it, the texture of it, and the fact that the portraiture clients I have value it (which, of course, […]

Same Person, Different Perspectives 4

Perspective, in terms of photography, is the spacial relationship between the lens and subject. Put simply, it is “Where is the camera?” versus “Where is the subject?”. Although technicaly focal length is not part of photographic perspective, many people will lump it into the definition because photographers will often change their position in relation to […]