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Why Photographers Should Upgrade Their iPads 3

I’m going to start with a preemptive “No, not because the iPad 2 has a camera.” because, let’s face it, the camera in the iPad is crap. You’re better off using the camera in your phone in a pinch if just for awkward hold-ability reasons. And I guess I should also clearly state that it’s not because the screen is better. The iPad 2 retains the same 720p resolution display with ‘magical’ oliophobic coating that ‘magically’ exaggerates finger marks. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin at the beginning.


Street Photo Tip: Stick With an Interesting Subject 2

We see them a lot on the street, don’t we? Interesting subjects. Not just interesting subjects, but a continuing series of interesting moments and interactions between those interesting subjects. Normally, we take a quick photo, perhaps pausing a bit to get the right moment, and move on. How often do […]

Lighting Workshop and Breaking My Comfort Zone 1

Street photography and studio photography are polar opposites. With street photography, the challenge is finding the composition and the moment from what already exists. As such, street photography is a twig in the same photography branch as other genres such as photojournalism or documentary. On the other side of the […]