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The First Maker Faire in Taipei 2

The first Maker Faire in Taipei (well, in Taiwan really) happened at Huashan park this past weekend, May 18-19. Entry was free for all-comers and it was awesome. As one would expect, there were plenty of robots wandering around and there were even robot boxing events. There were also plenty of demonstrations of Rasberry Pi and Arduino-based projects (along with a number of Arduino clones, my favorite being Motoduino which was apparently created by a maker fan of those Hello Moto mobile phone commercials).



Tomy Beyblade, Bakugan, and Scan2Go Toy Fair

Remember the Tomica (Tomy) 40th Anniversary Fair I reported on about a year-and-a-half ago? They must have some sort of deal with Mitsigoshi because they’re back again. This time it’s to celebrate their three current marquee brands: Scan2Go slot cars, Beyblade fighting tops, and Bakugan…those ball-things you roll or toss then […]


Happy Centennial, Republic of China

Today, October 10 2011, marks 100 years since the Wuchang uprising that sparked the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Imperial Era in China and the beginning of the Republic of China government. It has since survived World War II and the Maoist revolution to create the autonomous state of Taiwan and evolve there into the only example of Chinese self-governance in the totality of Chinese history.

Not bad for the first century.

Streets Saturday for Week 23: More Pictures of the Dragon Boat Festival

Last weekend was the Dragon Boat Festival, which I covered in this article. Here are a few more pictures of the Dragon Boat Festival race & activities from Dazhi Park in Taipei that I didn’t include in the article. Comments welcome. Before I go, I’d like to mention the Taiwan […]

Dragon Boat Festival, Taipei 2011 1

This past weekend was the Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) in Sino-World (the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China/Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Chinese communities worldwide.). What’s a “Dragon Boat” and why is there a festival wrapped around it? Basically, in Imperial China a statesman and poet committed […]