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Tomy Beyblade, Bakugan, and Scan2Go Toy Fair

Remember the Tomica (Tomy) 40th Anniversary Fair I reported on about a year-and-a-half ago? They must have some sort of deal with Mitsigoshi because they’re back again. This time it’s to celebrate their three current marquee brands: Scan2Go slot cars, Beyblade fighting tops, and Bakugan…those ball-things you roll or toss then they pop open into some […]

Taiwan Hakka Exposition 2008/2009 2

  Food. Lots of Food. Wait…I should probably explain what a Taiwanese Hakka is, just so you know. Just in case you don’t know. In broad, general strokes, Taiwan has 3 ethnic groups: Aboriginal, Hakka, Hoklo, and Immigrant (a.k.a “Mainlanders”). Aboriginals are those that are native to Formosa (and surrounding islands that make up Taiwan). They are […]

Display at the Taiwan Hakka Expo