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The Barbie Cafe, Taipei, Taiwan 9

The Barbie Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan is not the first Barbie-themed restaurant in the world but it is the first Barbie-themed restaurant in the world officially licensed by Mattel H.Q. In El Segundo, California. The obvious question is Why Taipei?. Themed restaurants are very popular in Asia in general and seem to be especially popular in countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan. In China, enforcement of intellectual properties and trademarks is ridiculously lax making it a poor environment in which to open a business that relies on its branding as a selling tool. In Japan, the market has matured (and might even be called glutted). While theme restaurants are popular in Taipei, there is still room for new players here. It also helps that one of the most popular restaurants in the city is the Sanrio-approved Hello Kitty Sweets, which has remained popular for some time. In demographic terms, they appeal to the same pie. And guess where the Barbie Cafe is located? Its less than a block from Hello Kitty Sweets, so Mattel is well aware of the demographics.


Picturing Daily Life: the Kids Monthly Haircut & Shampoo

Since my wife left work at noon and I didn’t have anything scheduled after this morning, we decided to take the boys to have their hair cut, washed, and styled. We took them to their normal barbershop, Zix in Ming Yao (on Chungsiao East). The front area where the haircuts […]

World Chocolate Wonderland, Taipei, Taiwan 6

From July to September the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) in Taipei is playing host to exhibits from the World Chocolate Wonderland. The World Chocolate Wonderland is a new (opened January of this year) theme park in Beijing, PRC and I suspect that this is an attempt to drum […]