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Photojazz Five: Meredith Kleiber Interview 1

Photojazz Five (n.) Five questions to and five photos from a street photographer. If Norman Rockwell were a photographer…and a young woman…and alive, she would be Meredith Kleiber. When it comes to street photography centered on the more timelessness elements of daily life, she’s been my favorite since the moment I first encountered her work […]

Pondering Digital: Ricoh GRX vs. Olympus EP-1 Pen 9

First let me be clear: I love film and have no plans to cease using film until the last frame of the last roll on Earth has been exposed. I enjoy the 100% hands-on nature of it, the texture of it, and the fact that the portraiture clients I have value it (which, of course, […]



Same Person, Different Perspectives 4

Perspective, in terms of photography, is the spacial relationship between the lens and subject. Put simply, it is “Where is the camera?” versus “Where is the subject?”. Although technicaly focal length is not part of photographic perspective, many people will lump it into the definition because photographers will often change their position in relation to […]

Popular Opinion Does NOT EQUAL TRUTH! 6

So I’m a little frustrated, and I’ll explain that in a second. First, some things that you know are true but really aren’t. Popular Opinion: The death penalty reduces violent crime. Truth: States that enforce the death penalty have the same average violent crime rate as states that don’t. Reason: Psychology. Those that commit violent […]