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Image Editing on the iPad: Workflow

Contrary to their desktop computer counterparts, which try and cram as many features as possible into an application suite, iPad apps generally have a very limited set of functions and tools. There is no one size fits all solution for editing images on the iPad and so it really comes down to deciding what post-processing you commonly do and what are the best apps to accomplish that. Quite often this involves a few saves to the photo library as you move your image back and forth between multiple iPad image editing apps. As an example, Im going to go through the beginning-to-end post-processing workflow of a portrait I took of my kids a couple weekends ago after they returned from a karate class. The creative part of my mind was thinking things like Rocky, fighter & manager, The Wrestler and that was the theme on which I would base the final image.


Shooting Street at Night 5

As can be easily gleaned from my deviantArt gallery, 99% of my street photography is taken outdoors in broad daylight. The benefits to this are obvious: fast shutter speeds for exact moment-catching, smaller f-stops to get more of the environment in focus, lower EIs for more definition, and so on. […]

Street Photo Tip: Stick With an Interesting Subject 2

We see them a lot on the street, don’t we? Interesting subjects. Not just interesting subjects, but a continuing series of interesting moments and interactions between those interesting subjects. Normally, we take a quick photo, perhaps pausing a bit to get the right moment, and move on. How often do […]