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Random Encounters: Beyblade Battle at the Mall, Taipei 2

Every generation has a toy that is easy to pocket or throw into a schoolbag, is cheap enough to be bought with an allowance, and can be used in an easy to set up and uncomplicated game with schoolmates. With my dad it was marbles. With me it was pogs. For my son, its Beyblade fighting tops. This past weekend a toy shop in the local shopping center held a Beyblade tournament activity.

Music4Fun, Kawai Piano Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan 2

Wait, what? Kawai….Taiwan? My Kawai upright piano clearly states Made in Japan! Well, it was. Sort of. We’ll get to that briefly at the end of this article. First, we need to get into the wonderful Music4Fun program launched by this factory in Taoyuan, which produces instruments for both Kawai and Suzuki. The half-day affair, […]

Kawai piano

Streets Saturday for Week 25

Here are the featured Taipei street photos for the week of June 20, 2011. All the photos were taken since the last feature, 2 weeks ago. He’s looking a little uncomfortable. You shall not pass. Outside seating at a recently-opened French bistro downstairs. I ended up at an IKEA this past week. And, of course, […]

Weichuan Pushin Ranch, Taoyuan, Taiwan 1

One thing I enjoy about living in Taipei, especially having twin 6-year olds, is the relatively easy and inexpensive access to family-friendly day trips. Unfortunately, it usually takes some Chinese literacy and knowledge of local online BBSes to find and register for upcoming trips, so if you are like me and lack fluency, make a […]

Window on China / Xiao Ren Guo

Window on China is kind of a misnomer, depending on your perspective. What I mean is, I personally believe that Taiwan isn’t China. Considering that the majority of their exhibits are on Taiwan, the name is mostly incorrect. I say “mostly” because there are a couple of P.R.C. exhibits but there are also some Japanese, […]