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Taiyen Museum, Tongxing, Miaoli County, Taiwan

Youve spent some time soaking your feet at the outside Taiyen Ocean Foot Spa and the hot and humid Taiwanese summer weather is starting to get to you. You need to get out of the sun and get in to some artificial lighting and air conditioning quick. It should also serve to keep the kids busy. Well my touring friend, youre in luck.

Contained within the same factory campus as the Taiyen, only a few yards from the spa area, is the Taiyen Museum. Its a small building dedicated primarily to the history and products of the Taiyen company but it also goes into the methods and technology behind how they (used to) collect and refine salt from the nearby ocean.



Taiwan Insect Hall NGO, Taipei

Taipei is a city of snake-like winding alleys and lanes that span the space between the major streets and roads. In fact, most of whats worth finding…the tasty restaurants, niche shops, and so on…are hidden in them. They are well worth exploring, especially in the more commercial areas of the city such as the area around Chungsiao/Fushing. There are plenty of little discoveries to make.

Random Encounters: Taipei Astronomical Museum

I’m doing this as a Random Encounter since I already published an article on the Taipei Astronomical Museum before and it really hasn’t changed much since then. So, these are just some pictures of the Taipei Astronomical Museum taken on Children’s Day.

This year Children’s Day happened to coincide with a local holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day. Taking advantage of Children’s Day actually being a day when kids didn’t have to go to school and parents didn’t have to work, many museums, education centers, the zoo, and so on offered free admission to every parent with child.

Very cool.



Of Banks and Dinosaur Fossils in Taipei

Almost directly across from the National Taiwan Museum entrance at 228 Peace Memorial Park is the Land Bank old building. Now, I know what you’re thinking:
“A bank. How exciting.”

It is. First off, it’s a great example of colonial-era architecture of which there are not many. More importantly, there is a large exhibition hall inside…

World Chocolate Wonderland, Taipei, Taiwan 6

From July to September the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) in Taipei is playing host to exhibits from the World Chocolate Wonderland. The World Chocolate Wonderland is a new (opened January of this year) theme park in Beijing, PRC and I suspect that this is an attempt to drum […]

Taiwan Storyland, Taipei 6

It almost sounds like the name of a fantasy-themed amusement park, doesn’t it? Even the entrance, pictured above, invokes mental images of fairies flitting about in an enchanted forest. I fully expected to encounter scenes based on the Monkey King and other figures from Chinese children’s mythos. But i didn’t. […]