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Why Photographers Should Upgrade Their iPads 3

I’m going to start with a preemptive “No, not because the iPad 2 has a camera.” because, let’s face it, the camera in the iPad is crap. You’re better off using the camera in your phone in a pinch if just for awkward hold-ability reasons. And I guess I should also clearly state that it’s not because the screen is better. The iPad 2 retains the same 720p resolution display with ‘magical’ oliophobic coating that ‘magically’ exaggerates finger marks. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin at the beginning.


Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant in Taipei, the Return 4

The last time I went to the Hello Kitty Sweets restaurant in Taipei was a couple of years ago for a Valentines Day afternoon tea time with my wife and kids. The coffee and free wifi were good, the desserts were overpriced but okay, and the pink level was overwhelming. […]