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Gongyuan Rd Street Market, Hutoushan Park, Taoyuan 1

One of the best things about Taiwan are the street markets. Night or day, it doesnt matter. If you are a shopaholic, they are the polar antethesis of an addicts anonymous meeting. If you are a foodie, some of Taiwans best culinary delights are found in them. If you are a culture conisseur, there is no better Taiwanese cultural nexus. If you like photogtaphy, there is no equal in accessibility to such a variety of subject matter.

This is inarguable Truth.


Random Encounters: Park Fountain

This is the last one from Beitou park, I promise. Well, at least until the next time my wife wants to head to Beitou for a hot springs bath. This time the encounter doesn’t revolve around people but instead a single feature of the park: a fountain. Fountains make both a great center of attention for people to watch and background to photograph those watching people against.


Random Encounters: Chinese Go Match

Like many urban parks in the US, many city parks in Taiwan serve as a gathering place for neighborhood residents to play board games. In many cases this means Chinese Go. I guess the best “Western” comparison to Go would be to Orthello…Orthello is like a “special needs” version of Go



Streets Saturday for Week 4: Songshan Cultural Creative Park

A couple weeks ago I went to the Dinosaurs Dream Park, an event being held within the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park. It was great fun for the kids and i highly recommend a visit before it goes away…which will be in just a couple more days…so you’d better hurry.

In the meantime, these are the photos I took at the park, outside of the event.