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Random Encounters: Train to Houtong Station

A couple days ago I published an article about a recent trip to Houtong Village, a.k.a. the Cat Village, which was only a 30 minute train ride away from Taipei city. I love taking the train outside of the city and to any of the smaller stations in the more rural areas of the country. While surface traffic and the evergrowing need for real estate means that most TRA stations in Taipei city are underground, rural stations are by-in-large out in the open air with minimal cover just in case the weather turns rainy.



Streets Saturday for Week 4: Songshan Cultural Creative Park

A couple weeks ago I went to the Dinosaurs Dream Park, an event being held within the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park. It was great fun for the kids and i highly recommend a visit before it goes away…which will be in just a couple more days…so you’d better hurry.

In the meantime, these are the photos I took at the park, outside of the event.

Photojazz Five: Ethan Chiang

Like last week’s subject, both Ethan Chiang and I have something in common beyond a love for street photography. In this case, we have both experienced living on both edges of the Pacific. He currently makes his home in Seoul, the place of his birth, but has also lived out bits of his life in San Francisco and Taipei. I asked him to be a part of this series because I love the noir look that he achieves in his images and they way they tell a concise-but-complete story.

You’ll see what I mean.