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Photojazz Five: TC Lin

While the more mainstream photography in Taiwan generally revolves around an obnoxiously large camera photographing a cliché-posed girlfriend, there are some decent street photographers here and TC Lin is certainly among the cream of them. Wait…can I call it ‘street photography’? Certainly ‘street tog’ isn’t appropriate. And ‘Hipstamatic’ is trademarked.

Read on to find out more about the netizen known as Poagao. Wait…can I say ‘netizen’?

Photojazz Five: Mary Cimetta 3

I haven’t done a Photojazz Five interview in quite some time. It’s not that I was extraordinarily busy or in-firmed, but I felt that I was publishing them too often. That might sound odd until you realize my motivation in doing this series. My primary motivation is not to feature street photographers. That’s just a positive byproduct of what I’m trying to do. I was afraid that the weekly publishing schedule would water down what i am trying to get across: to portray street photography as an individualistic art form. I want to erase as best I can from the public consciousness that street photography is both singular and simplistic in style and vision. My hope is that, through this series, people will begin to understand that individual street photographers have unique ways they see things and that gives their individual work a unique style that separates it from other photographers work.



Photojazz Five: Eyal Binehaker 1

If I’m to be polite, I would describe Eyal Binehaker as a street photography purist. Others not so polite might replace the word ‘purist’ with something else, but the point is that he has a strict concept of what street photography is and he critiques other’s works based on that concept. Normally, a person with such a rigid view would be open to criticism of having such an absolutist view, but Eyal is difficult to criticize.

He is not the judgmental hypocrite that most absolutists are. He practices what he preaches in his own work, which is why I’m so happy to feature it here. His stuff rocks.

Photojazz Five: Ethan Chiang

Like last week’s subject, both Ethan Chiang and I have something in common beyond a love for street photography. In this case, we have both experienced living on both edges of the Pacific. He currently makes his home in Seoul, the place of his birth, but has also lived out bits of his life in San Francisco and Taipei. I asked him to be a part of this series because I love the noir look that he achieves in his images and they way they tell a concise-but-complete story.

You’ll see what I mean.



Photojazz Five: Lukasz Kazimierz 1

Besides being street photography enthusiasts, Lukasz Kazimierz and I are both educators and “Western” expats making a home on a volcanic island-country in Asia, me in Taiwan and him in Japan. What I personally love about his work and what led me to ask him to participate in the Photojazz Five series is his eye for color. He often uses the strong, singular lighting elements that reveal themselves at night to great advantage. Through his images one can see how the night lights up at night in Tokyo.

Photojazz Five: Dawn Hendsbee

This week’s featured street photographer is 28 year old student-spouse-mother Dawn Hendsbee, from the French half of language-bipolar Canada.

Insert Dudley Do-Right joke here.

Although studying to become a Radiation Oncology Therapist, being a mommy, and being a wife takes up all of her time, always having a camera in her bag allows here to exercise her right brain in the spaces between the ‘here’ and ‘there’.