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Random Encounters: Urban Cowboy

This was a surreal encounter. He started setting up at Beitou park shortly after I finished photographing the Chinese Go match. At first, everything seemed pretty normal. He was a street musician tamely dressed in a stripped polo and jeans setting up his “stage” with a keyboard, signs, donation box, and self-recorded CDs for sale.


Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan, Christmas Decorations

Streets Saturday for Week 52: Christmas Eve in Taipei 2

Like last year, this past Christmas Eve the family headed to the Vieshow Village shopping area in the Hsinyi District of Taipei to take in the holiday decorations, various street acts, and just to take advantage of the clear weather.
In fact, this past Saturday had been the first rain-free day all month. How convenient. :-)

Of Banks and Dinosaur Fossils in Taipei

Almost directly across from the National Taiwan Museum entrance at 228 Peace Memorial Park is the Land Bank old building. Now, I know what you’re thinking:
“A bank. How exciting.”

It is. First off, it’s a great example of colonial-era architecture of which there are not many. More importantly, there is a large exhibition hall inside…


Weichuan Pushin Ranch, Taoyuan, Taiwan 1

One thing I enjoy about living in Taipei, especially having twin 6-year olds, is the relatively easy and inexpensive access to family-friendly day trips. Unfortunately, it usually takes some Chinese literacy and knowledge of local online BBSes to find and register for upcoming trips, so if you are like me […]

World Chocolate Wonderland, Taipei, Taiwan 6

From July to September the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC) in Taipei is playing host to exhibits from the World Chocolate Wonderland. The World Chocolate Wonderland is a new (opened January of this year) theme park in Beijing, PRC and I suspect that this is an attempt to drum […]