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Streets Saturday for Week 21, 2014

Welcome to this weeks random collection of random street photos of Taipei. This weeks leftovers consist mostly of non-food related pictures of Raohe Street Night Market (for food-related pictures, see my Top 5 Street Market Foods post from Tuesday) and a few from around the Hsinyi Discrict where the kids treated mommy to a Mothers Day tea time.

And where daddy had very fancy-yet-amazing slow drip iced coffee.


Streets Saturday for Week 17, 2014

Another week, another set of Taiwan street photography. Before I get to the meat of this weeks street pictures, I need to ask a quick favor from you, the reader. I have an opportunity to participate in a group photo show here in Taipei. There will be 10 photographers shoowing their works with 5 places being reserved for foreigners like me.

Id really like to me among them.

Heres how you can help me gurantee a spot.



Random Encounters: The I-Mei Tourist Factory in Taoyuan, Taiwan 3

This past Saturday I made a trip outside Taipei to the Gongyuan Rd. street market in Hutoushan Park, Taoyuan. On the way back I made a quick stop at a local I-Mei factory that also has a play area, restaurant, and a few other tourist-y bits to it.For those unaware, I-Mei is like the Wonder Bread brand of Taiwan. Its an almost-century old Taiwanese baker and desserts maker. They both sell their products within groceries and through their own outlets and its virtually impossible to go to an engagement dinner without returning home with a box of I-Mei cookies and cakes.


Streets Saturday for Week 1 (2014)

On the last day of the year my wife, a lover of all things Sanrio, met for lunch at a newly-opened Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in the downtown area of Taipei. Afterward, she wanted to take advantage of our location and year-end sales and do some shopping. I waited patiently in front and took pictures of the sidewalk traffic, making sure not to wander to far just in case she wanted my opinion on something.

Quotes intentional.