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Gongyuan Rd Street Market, Hutoushan Park, Taoyuan 1

One of the best things about Taiwan are the street markets. Night or day, it doesnt matter. If you are a shopaholic, they are the polar antethesis of an addicts anonymous meeting. If you are a foodie, some of Taiwans best culinary delights are found in them. If you are a culture conisseur, there is no better Taiwanese cultural nexus. If you like photogtaphy, there is no equal in accessibility to such a variety of subject matter.

This is inarguable Truth.



Random Encounters: Wulai Township in 15 minutes

On the way back home from the firefly farm in Wulai this past Saturday we stopped in the center of the town so that we could grab a bite to eat on the long ride home. We had 15 minutes, then we had to get back on the bus.

So heres pictures of Wulai, late at night, in 15 minutes.


Streets Saturday for Week 1: Superultramegabusyman

Unlike Americans, who have their school break from the week before Christmas to New Year’s Day, The Taiwanese winter break tends to hover near the Chinese Lunar New Year. This year, the Chinese New Year is on January 23 and the government has decided that the school break should preceed the CNY holiday. That means […]

Streets Saturday for Week 51: The Apocalypse is Nigh!!!

That’s right, there’s only a week left until the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, which we all know will harbor the apocalypse just like October of this year was supposed to…and 2000 was supposed to…heck, just read this National Geographic article and know that there are so many more. Issac Newton thought […]