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Dasi (Daxi) Old Street, Taoyuan 4

Before the completion of the North-South Railway in 1909, Dasi was the connective trade point between Taipei and the south. It was made so by a combination of two major factors: it was located on a river used to transport goods north-south (the Dahan river, also known as the Takoham river in the native aboriginal language) and loads of investment capital. A civil war between Hakka clans forced refugees from the wealthiest of the clans, the Lin clan, into the Takoham river region. Realizing the importance of the location, the Lin clan invested heavily in it’s development and it was soon filled with traders and merchants. I’ll make this analogy: the Takoham river was the silk road of Taiwan, Taipei was Europe, southern Taiwan was Asia. Dasi was Persia.

Dasi Old Street

Kawai piano

Music4Fun, Kawai Piano Factory, Taoyuan, Taiwan 2

Wait, what? Kawai….Taiwan? My Kawai upright piano clearly states Made in Japan! Well, it was. Sort of. We’ll get to that briefly at the end of this article. First, we need to get into the wonderful Music4Fun program launched by this factory in Taoyuan, which produces instruments for both Kawai and Suzuki. The half-day affair, […]

Weichuan Pushin Ranch, Taoyuan, Taiwan 1

One thing I enjoy about living in Taipei, especially having twin 6-year olds, is the relatively easy and inexpensive access to family-friendly day trips. Unfortunately, it usually takes some Chinese literacy and knowledge of local online BBSes to find and register for upcoming trips, so if you are like me and lack fluency, make a […]


Window on China / Xiao Ren Guo

Window on China is kind of a misnomer, depending on your perspective. What I mean is, I personally believe that Taiwan isn’t China. Considering that the majority of their exhibits are on Taiwan, the name is mostly incorrect. I say “mostly” because there are a couple of P.R.C. exhibits but there are also some Japanese, […]