What is McPhotography? Put simply, it’s candid photography in which a key component of the environment, but not the subject itself, is McDonalds. As an extension, the same term can also be applied to any ubiquitous example of globalization (a.k.a. Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, and so on).

This is a collection of my McPhotography. Click on a thumb to open a full version.

  • pinguino

    mcdonalds seems a lot less lame when its artistically shot in black and white

  • Brian

    @Steveo Thank you! There are “streets” everywhere 😉

    @Carrie I was sitting at the able right next to her, but she was so focused on her dog that she didn’t notice me at all.

    @pinguino 😆

  • Carrie

    Cool series and a most interesting idea. I LOVE the two photos of the woman feeding her dog. Great capture! I also like the fact that you did these in black and white. It really lends a journalistic feel to the whole series. Well done, Brian! I’m curious, how do people react when you photograph them while they are eating?

  • Stevo

    Amazing. I never would have figured McDs as a place to create art. The black and white makes the shots.

  • Trudy

    Excellent work as usual.

  • Brian

    @Trudy (as usual) THANK YOU! (and for the retweet, too 😉 )

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  • Mark

    The image of the spilling coffee beans and the couple is really quite nice. It reminds me of the famous Newman portrait of Stravinsky.

  • Brian

    @Mark Thanks so much. It was quite crowded at that time, but through the magic of framing… :)