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Taiwan Photo Club – February Meeting Rundown

Tacos.     Definitely better than the nachos. This past Sunday was the February meeting of the Taiwan Photo Club. Once again, Yuma was incredibly accomodating in letting is use their downstairs dining area as our meeting place. This time a couple friendly faces were absent, like David and Gulio, but this was offset by a few new, […]


Taiwan Hakka Exposition 2008/2009 2

  Food. Lots of Food. Wait…I should probably explain what a Taiwanese Hakka is, just so you know. Just in case you don’t know. In broad, general strokes, Taiwan has 3 ethnic groups: Aboriginal, Hakka, Hoklo, and Immigrant (a.k.a “Mainlanders”). Aboriginals are those that are native to Formosa (and surrounding islands that make up Taiwan). They are […]

Display at the Taiwan Hakka Expo