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Interviews with other street photographers from around the world that I admire.

Photojazz Five: Stamatis Gr 6

This week’s featured street photographer hails from the home of the great Mount Olympus, the Olympic games first held at the foot of that mountain, the Olympians that live at the top of the mountain, and an economy that is bringing down the entire EU…umm…in a ‘Herculean manner’? Stamatis is a graphic designer from Athens, Greece whose favorite hobby is photographing his native home. And he does it very well. Just take a look.



Photojazz Five: Santiago Billy

Currently a photojournalism student at the Universidad Francisco, Santiago Billy (a.k.a. “Lokisb”) hones his journalistic skills by documenting the country of his birth, Guatemala. He is someone whose work is always solid and consistent, which is why I wanted to feature him here. He’s also the first street photographer to be featured from South America.

Photojazz Five: Maxby Chan

This week’s Photojazz Five interviewee is one of the good guys. No, he doesn’t wear underwear outside of a brightly-colored unitard and sport a cape (although he should), but he does have a selfless heart. Through his administration at PhotoMalaysia and with 35 years of experience in his utility belt (next to thebatarangs), he mentors other photographers in his community, both through authoring articles and actual, physical tutoring. Along with another administrator at PhotoMalaysia, he conducts regular “Photosafari Experiences” (PMPE), which consist of a couple of in-classroom days followed by one-to-three weeks of hands-on shooting in exotic Asian locales.

Oh, and he’s a good street photographer, too.


Photojazz Five: José Calheiros 1

Full-time architect José Calheiros uses the thoroughfares and passageways of Lisbon as fertile ground to indulge his street photography hobby. His output has netted him a number of shows locally as well as some images published in magazines. Besides street photography, he has done some advertising photos and works based on Luis Royo paintings and Enki Bilal comic books.