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Interviews with other street photographers from around the world that I admire.


Photojazz Five: Meredith Kleiber Interview 1

Photojazz Five (n.) Five questions to and five photos from a street photographer. If Norman Rockwell were a photographer…and a young woman…and alive, she would be Meredith Kleiber. When it comes to street photography centered on the more timelessness elements of daily life, she’s been my favorite since the moment I first encountered her work […]

PhotoJazz Five: Daniel S Kagle Interview 3

The PhotoJazz 5 are five questions posed to and 5 photos from a street photographer. This week, Daniel S Kagle gets the PhotoJazz 5 treatment. Daniel makes his way as a professional editorial and wedding photographer in my hometown of Los Angeles, California. He has been at it professionally since before he was legal and […]