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A Pet Cemetery Visit in Taiwan 3

A few months ago, one of the dogs I take care of developed cancer and passed away. She wasnt my longest-lived pet (Spree is still alive & kicking) but special in that she was rescued when my children were infants. My intention was for my twins and the dog, Kiki, to grow up together. Her death was soon, sudden, and was especially hard on my now 7-year old twins. After some discussion in which there was no dissension, we decided to have Kiki cremated and her ashes mixed into the soil of a tree at a relatively nearby pet cemetery.



Pictures of Typhoon Saola in Taipei, Taiwan 4

Taiwan is the constant target of typhoons, especially from mid-July through mid-September (a.k.a. Typhoon Season). Thankfully, the city of Taipei is protected on the weather-ward side by a mountain chain that transects the island north-to-south like a scoliotic spine. It takes quite a powerful storm to cause Taipei any significant property damage. Typhoon Saola didnt pass muster.


Random Encounters: Beipu Old Street Market

As usually happens on daytrips out of the city, we stop briefly at a street market on the way back. As it happens, the fascinating farm of the frenzied friendly foot-feeding fish was in the mountains of Hsinchu county, the route to and from took us through the town of Beipu, which has a nice street market. Unlike last time at the Wulai city center in which we only had a few minutes, this time we had an hour to wander around before we had to hop back on the bus.

So here are the pictures of the Beipu old street market I was able to get in that time.