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Random Encounters: LA Quickie Street Photos

As I alluded to in this past Streets Saturday post, I had to make a brief emergency trip back to the States. I really didnt have the time to do the things that I would normally want to do with a camera, like walk the Venice Boardwalk or hit the Santa Monica Pier, but I did have my trusty camera and mobile phone with me.

So, photos were taken and here they are:


PhotoJazz Five: Daniel S Kagle Interview 3

The PhotoJazz 5 are five questions posed to and 5 photos from a street photographer. This week, Daniel S Kagle gets the PhotoJazz 5 treatment. Daniel makes his way as a professional editorial and wedding photographer in my hometown of Los Angeles, California. He has been at it professionally since before he was legal and […]

Streets Saturday: Disneyland 1

As I alluded to in the last POTD post, I decided to shift from the “Photo of the Day” concept to something a little more spaced. While I’m on the subject of regular photo features, Darren Melrose has a very interesting “Daily Someone” series on his blog. Craig Fergusun does a Five for Friday weekly […]